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19 Mar 2018 A good rule to remember for hard cheese is if the recipe requires a grated Port Salut cheese, cornichons, artichoke hearts & gluten free 

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Port Salut In an abbey in Notre Dame around the year 1830, a group of Trappist monks invented this tangy cheese. It became commercial in 1873 and their ancient methods of production are still followed today in abbeys and monasteries across France. Made from cow's milk, Port Salut has a soft consistency and only a hint of aroma. Cook's Thesaurus: Semi-Soft Cheeses Port Salut cheese = Port du Salut Pronunciation: POOR sah-LEW Notes: Port Salut is a mild French semi-soft cheese. Don't confuse with Danish Port Salut, which is also called Esrom cheese. Substitutes: Saint Paulin OR Esrom OR Havarti OR jack OR Muenster OR brick OR Bel Paese Port Salut | To Brie..Or Not to Brie This gorgeous hunk of cheese to the left is a little something called Port Salut. Whenever a customer asks me “What’s good on a burger?” I point them towards this cheese. It’s a semi-soft, pasteurized cow’s milk cheese from France. Port Salut can sometimes be a bit on the smelly side, due to the bright orange rind. Port Salut cheese | Recipes Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia Browse All Port Salut cheese Recipes Name Variations Port du Salut About Port Salut cheese Wikipedia Article About Port Salut cheese on Wikipedia S.A.F.R Port Salut is a semi-soft pasteurized cow's milk cheese from Brittany with a distinctive orange crust and a mild flavor.

Port Salut creamy French cheese | Waitrose & Partners Inspired by the original Port Salut® recipe, created in 1816, Port Salut is a mild French cheese with orange rind and creamy soft texture. Deliciously creamy Port  Nigel Slater's fast food | Food | The Guardian 12 May 2002 100g semi-soft or easy-melting cheese, such as Gruyère, Port-Salut, a trip to Normandy, where they use Reblochon - a creamy local cheese. Port Salut - Regions of France The success of this delicate Pays de la Loire cheese finally inclined the monks to register "Port du Salut" as a trademark in 1874 to protect their original recipe. Port Salut® Cheese - Saputo Specialty Cheese

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